Annual Retainer Agreement For Real Estate Agents

Your Legal Questions Answered

With our affordable annual retainer agreement for real estate agents real estate attorney Brian Pendergraft, Esq. & The Pendergraft Firm, LLC. will make itself available to answer questions that you and your clients have about transactions. Real estate agents must use skill, care, and diligence in transactions when representing their clients.

However, often legal issues or legal questions will arise that exceed the scope of what you’re allowed to solve or answer. That’s where we come in. We can provide the legal support to help answer those questions and guide you and your client through the transaction. And you can focus on your area of expertise, providing real estate business advice.

Additional Items Covered Under The Annual Retainer Agreement

In addition to advice, the monthly retainer agreement also covers:

  • Supervision and Drafting of short addendums (up to 12 per year);
  • One Shot Demand Letters (up to 12 per year, postage not included);
  • Preliminary analysis of legal issues.
  • Analysis of Maryland Real Estate Commission Findings.

Supervision and Drafting of Short Addendums

Don’t risk the unauthorized practice of law by drafting your clients’ addendums. It’s not worth it. Have our real estate attorney draft your addendums and certify that they were prepared under the supervision of an attorney authorized to practice law in Maryland or DC.

One-Shot Demand Letters

Is the other-side treating you and your clients unfairly? With our one-shot demand letter service, we will send a demand letter to attempt to rectify the situation. Although I can’t guarantee that the demand will work, in many cases agents are taken more seriously if they have an attorney.

Preliminary Analysis

A preliminary analysis is what lawyer’s do before doing legal research and drafting legal opinions. Because of our experience dealing with real estate legal issues (we’ve seen it a lot), in many cases, we can point to a similar conclusion that we would if we did a full analysis.

Analysis of Maryland & DC Real Estate Commission Complaints and Filings

Lastly, we provide analysis of Maryland and DC Real Estate Commission Complaints and Filings. We’ll let you know if we think the complaints and findings are valid and make recommendations on how to best protect your license.

Interested in our annual retainer agreement for real estate agents?

Our program is very affordable at less than $2 per day. You cannot afford to not protect your business. Submit an inquiry by clicking the button below and attorney Pendergraft will reach out to you to discuss if our annual retainer agreement for real estate agents the right fit for your business.