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Brian Pendergraft of The Pendergraft Firm, LLC. is a commercial lease attorney that helps draft and review commercial leases for landlords and tenants.

In residential leases tenants are not considered “sophisticated” and the law steps in to protect tenants from entering into agreements that lean too strongly in the landlord’s favor. In commercial leases both parties are considered sophisticated and the law does not step in to protect tenants. Because landlords are the ones who prepare commercial leases, they are heavily skewed in the landlord’s favor. Arguably, as they should be. When representing landlords, The Pendergraft Firm drafts leases to give landlord’s to ensure tenants take care of the leased space while providing powerful remedies in case the tenant defaults. When reviewing and editing leases on behalf of commercial tenant’s, attorney Pendergraft ensures that tenants are able to exercise remedies in case.

Commercial Lease Review & Negotiations For Tenants

Prospective commercial tenants should always seek counsel from a commercial lease attorney before entering into a commercial lease. A paramount legal principle in the United States is that people are deemed to have understood contracts that they have signed. Unfortunately, commercial tenant’s have signed leases that they do not understand to disastrous financial and business consequences. At the very least a good lease review can help tenants understand what they are signing. After retaining The Pendergraft Firm, we do full lease analysis that highlights where tenants should be concerned. Then, after a discussing our findings we revise and edit the lease so that it fits the needs of your business.

Commercial Lease Drafting and Negotiations for Landlords

Commercial landlords hold the cards when it comes to commercial leases. At the end of the day, landlords want to protect their commercial real estate investment while maximizing profit. The Pendergraft Firm constructs commercial leases that provide landlords with the most protection against tenants and remedies for unpaid rent.

Commercial Lease Services

    The Pendergraft Firm provides commercial leasing services for:

  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Space
  • Car Shops
  • Warehouse Space
  • Grocery Stories
  • Mall kiosks
  • Toy Stores
  • The Moon
  • And more!

Consult with a Commercial Lease Attorney Within 24 hours

Whether you are opening a new restaurant or contemplating renting out space, consult with a commercial lease attorney before making this huge decision. Attorney Pendergraft will call you back within 24 hours to discuss your issue. Let’s get started!

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