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The terms Title Attorney, Settlement Attorney, and closing attorney are often used interchangeably to convey the same thing. An attorney that helps close real estate transactions. At The Pendergraft Firm our goal is to ultimately help clients achieve their goals. So we don’t think of ourselves as title producers, contract reviewers, or paper pushers. Even though, we technically perform those functions. We add value by helping our clients achieve their goals of closing on real estate transactions. Whether you are buying or selling real property, we help you achieve your goals.

The services we provide vary depending on what you need to get done and whether or not you are a buyer or seller. In both Maryland, the buyer has the choice of who to order Title from, so we’ll start with buyer services.

Real Estate Closing Buyer Services

If you already have a ratified (signed) contract, you can send it to The Pendergraft Firm to start the closing process. The Pendergraft Firm will review the contracts. Many real estate investors choose to close all their deals through their own reliable closing attorney. The Pendergraft Firm can be this go to closing attorney for you. We also help first-time homebuyers.

If you do not have a ratified contract The Pendergraft Firm can assist you with preparing an offer purchase real estate contract that is in your best interest. Typically it is up to the buyer to present the seller with offers. Real estate contracts seem simple but they are a bundle of legalese that can easily be drafted in the buyer’s or the seller’s favor. Let the Pendergraft Firm review and draft your real estate contracts.

As a Title Attorney, I can perform Title services typically associated with Title Officers or Title Companies such as order title reviews, title reports, give title opinions, order title insurance, so on and so forth. The easiest way to explain the importance of these services is to explain what Title to real estate means. It simply means the right to claim ownership of property. Believe it or not, property is sold every day by people who do not have the right to claim ownership of what they are selling. A title examination and title review need to be conducted to make sure that you are purchasing what you are selling. As thorough as we are, a title examination cannot guarantee with 100% accuracy that title to a property is clear. That’s where Title insurance comes in. With Title insurance, the insurer promises to fix any title defects that resurface after a title examination. The Pendergraft Firm can help you order Title Insurance as well.

Real Estate Attorney Seller Services

For sellers, closing services typically do not include ordering Title insurance since that is the buyer’s responsibility. However, sellers can hire an attorney to draft or review real estate purchase and sale agreements, review closing documents prepared by the closing attorney, and to be present at closing. Again, at The Pendergraft Firm we don’t like to think of ourselves as paper pushers. We help sellers achieve their goals of selling their properties and protecting their legal interest.

Real estate brokers and real estate agents cannot provide legal advice. The Pendergraft Firm Settlement Attorneys can help you

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Next time you are buying or selling a house consider having an experienced real estate attorney by your side throughout the entire process. We would love the opportunity to partner with you and help you achieve your real estate goals. Click the button below to schedule a time for Attorney Pendergraft to call you within 24 hours.

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