Who We Serve

The Pendergraft Firm Provides property law services in both Maryland & The District of Columbia. If you are interested in any of our services click the link to our booking app where you’ll be able to send Attorney Pendergraft a message or schedule a consultation.


We help homeowners transfer, protect, and preserve their real property.

Homebuyers and Sellers

We help homebuyers and sellers throughout the home buying and selling process.

Residential Landlords

We help residential landlords comply with Maryland laws and evict bad tenants.

Residential Tenants

We help residential tenants resolve bad living situations and with the return of unjustly held security deposits.

Real Estate Investors

We help real estate investors with real estate transactions, business entity formation, and partnership agreements.

Property Managers

We help property managers with property management agreements, residential and commercial lease agreements, and independent contractor agreements.

  • Property management agreements
  • Residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements

Commercial Landlords

We help commercial landlords with commercial lease agreements and filing for non-payment.

Commercial Tenants

We help commercial tenants review and modify lease agreements to fit their business needs.

  • Commercial Lease Drafting & Review

Home Improvement Contractors

We help home improvement contractors with contracts that comply with laws.

  • Maryland home improvement contracts. (Inquire for custom contacts).

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