Real Estate Transactions Attorney, Real Estate Broker & Landlord-Tenant

Real Estate Transactions Attorney, Real Estate Broker, & Landlord-Tenant – The Pendergraft Firm, LLC.

Maryland & DC Real Estate Transactions Attorney

The Pendergraft Firm offers advice and guidance on complex real estate and transaction issues. Services include but are not limited to:

Maryland Real Estate Broker – The Attorney-Broker

In addition to being a real estate transactions attorney, Brian is a licensed real estate broker. Most real estate brokers are not lawyers that are prohibited from giving legal advice and use standard contracts prepared by an attorney where they can only fill in the blanks. They are not allowed to draft custom contracts. Attorney-Broker Pendergraft can custom contracts specific to your real estate needs. On the other hand, most attorneys are unable to get access to the multiple listing service system to gain access to hundreds of potential buyers for your real estate. Using an attorney-broker is the best of both worlds.

Or, in order to save money, you can limit by services to for sale by owner services where I just draft the legal documents and do not provide brokering services. The Pendergraft Firm can help you sell your home fast.

Maryland & DC Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Pendergraft is a landlord-tenant attorney that has helped many landlords evict bad tenants.. Pendergraft wrote a book for landlords on on how to avoid the legal pitfalls that cost landlords thousands of dollars. On the other hand, he has helped many tenants recover from slumlords.

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The Pendergraft Firm is the real estate transactions attorney, real estate broker, and landlord-tenant attorney that can help solve your problems. Check out his personal real estate law blog to learn more.

Unable To Afford an Attorney or Would Rather Do It Yourself?

Check out my Maryland Landlord Self-Help Eviction Legal Kit or my Maryland Tenant Rights Legal Kit. The kits contain my strategies and sample pleadings for representing landlords and tenants in Maryland.