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The Pendergraft Firm, LLC. Maximizing Wealth, Minimizing Risk For Landlords and Investors

Here at The Pendergraft Firm (TPF) our focus is to help landlords and investors maximize their wealth through their real estate investments and to minimize risk. At TPF we believe there is no such thing as passive income, and that landlords and investors need to actively protect their real estate investments. Brian started in real estate as an eviction lawyer and eventually added a suite of services to protect landlords and investors where they are most vulnerable.

Evictions and Collections Services

Brian of The Pendergraft Firm has been helping landlords and investors evict bad tenants since he started practicing law as an eviction lawyer at 24 years old. The first case he won was evicting a bad tenant, and he has been evicting bad tenants ever since. Unfortunately, even after an eviction many landlords are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid rent. Brian has since added collection services to help make his clients whole.

Real Estate Contracts and Document Production Services

Brian made a name for himself in the Courtroom, but in his heart he is a contract lawyer. He drafts contracts and does document production for Real Estate Investors, Landlords, and Title Companies. He can draft and review purchase and sale agreements, residential and commercial leases, deeds, and promissory notes.

Business Law For Landlords and Investors

Brian is also a real estate business attorney that advises landlords and investors on business entity formation and joint venture agreements. It is not enough for an agreement to be in writing. Important key topics to be memorialized to provide maximum protection for each investor, such as each parties role, profits, and exit strategies.

Closings, Escrow Services, and Title Insurance

Brian is also a closing attorney that provides real estate closing services for either seller or buyers side. He can also produce the documents needed to transfer marketable title. When Title Insurance has needed, Brian Pendergraft is an independent Title Producer for a high-quality Title Insurance Provider.

Planlord – Advanced Estate Planning and Asset Protection Strategies For Landlords and Investors

Lastly, Brian is an Estate Planner for Landlords and Investors. Ultimately, his goal is to turn landlords and investors into “Planlords.” Planlords are landlords and investors that have secured generational wealth by using the best estate planning and asset protection strategies. Brian uses these strategies in his estate planning to achieve his ultimate goal of helping his clients maximize the wealth and minimize risk that come with real estate investing.

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Brian Pendergraft is an attorney focused on protecting landlords and investors. Call 301-200-0777 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a phone consultation.

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