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MD & DC Real Estate and Landlord-Tenant Attorney | The Pendergraft Firm, LLC.

Brian Pendergraft is a Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Attorney that dedicates his practice to helping real estate investors, landlords, home buyers, home sellers, realtors, real estate brokerages, and title companies with all of their real estate legal needs. But to put it more simply The Pendergraft Firm helps with ABCDEFG.

MD & DC Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Attorney

MD & DC Real Estate & Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Agreements – Purchase and Sale Agreements, Leases, and Joint Venture Agreements

The Pendergraft Firm can draft Agreement contracts for the purchase and sale of property, the leasing or encumbering of property. TPF can also draft joint venture agreements and help structure real estate property ownership, a service many real estate investors need.

Business Entity Formation – Single Member, Partnerships, or Shareholder Agreements

The Pendergraft Firm can also help form business entities form of single-member limited liability companies, multi-member partnerships, or S-Corporations. The Pendergraft Firm can advise you on the business entity that it right for you: whether you’re a small landlord business or running a million dollar wholesaling operation.

Closings – Settlement, Title, and Escrow Services

Brian Pendergraft is a licensed Settlement & Title and affiliates with one of the best Title Companies in Maryland in order to provide real estate closing services and to issue title services. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned real estate investor, a title review and title opinion is necessary to be ensured that the person you are buying a house from actually owns the house.

Deeds – For Residential and Commercial Property Transfers

The Pendergraft Firm can draft and review deeds for residential and commercial property transfers. We have helped newlyweds transfer their property from their sole name to theirs and their spouses as tenants by the entirety. We have also helped heirs transfer property of their deceased parents into their name. No good deed goes unrecorded.

Evictions – Rent Court Court Filings

Mr. Pendergraft is an experienced landlord-tenant attorney that has helped many landlords evict bad tenants for unpaid rent. In fact, he wrote the book Planlord – How To Avoid The Legal Pitfalls That Cost Landlords Thousands of Dollars, based on his experiences in Landlord-Tenant court.

The F is for Foreclosure

Brian can help real estate investors navigate the foreclosure process for properties that they have purchased through a tax sale.

G – A Real Estate and Landlord-Tenant Attorney That Provides Good Service!

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“For All of Your Real Estate Legal Needs, It’s as Simple as ABC, Work With Me!” – Founder