How To Record a Deed in Prince George’s County Maryland

Step Zero – Watch The Video on How To Record a Deed in Prince George’s County Maryland and Download The Slides!

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Step One – Get Your Deed Drafted and Calculate The Recording Cost The Cost

You can do draft your deed yourself, but I highly recommend using a real estate attorney to make sure that your deed is valid.  It cost $60 to record a deed in Maryland plus recordation and transfer taxes. Check out the video on How To Record a Deed in Prince George’s County Maryland.

Prince George’s County Deed Recordation and Transfer Tax Calulation

There’s three taxes on property transfers that must be paid by buyer or seller (or both) when recording a deed. They are:


  1. Prince George’s County Recordation tax – $5 per $1000 of the consideration
  2. Prince George’s County Property Transfer Tax – 1.4% of the consideration
  3. Maryland State Transfer Tax – 0.5% of the consideration

What is consideration? – The Full Cash Value of the Transfer

  1. Purchase Price
  2. Any New Mortgage
  3. Balance of Existing Mortgage
  4. Other
  5. Full Cash Value = purchase price + any new mortgage + balance of exisiting mortgage + any other value

For Example a sale for a home that cost $100,000 would have transfer taxes of:

  1. Prince George’s County Recordation Tax – $500
  2. Prince George’s County Transfer Tax – $1400
  3. State Transfer Tax – $500
  4. Total Taxes = $2460

Exemptions From Deed Recordation and Transfer Taxes

Generally, you are exempt from recordation and transfer taxes if the property transfer is a gift (no money exchanged) and the parties have a parent/child, parent/adopted child, grandparent/grandchild, spouse/spouse, grandparent/step-grandchild, domestic partner/domestic partner or spouse/ex-spouse relationship.  Contact an attorney if you need help calculating transfer taxes or determining whether or not you are exempt from taxation.

Step Two: Take Your Deed and one copy of it, and Maryland Deed Intake Sheet with 4 copies of it to The County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro For Processing

Deeds must be processed by the Prince George’s County Office of Finance located inside the County Administration Building before they are recorded.  The address to the County Administration Building is 11471 Governor Oden Bowie Drive Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.. You must also a take a completed Maryland Land Instruments Intake Sheet and 4 copies of it with you, for a total of 5.

You will be asked to give them your phone number and an e-mail address.  They will call you when the deed has been processed. This takes about 4 weeks.

Step Three: Take Deed From Processing To Land Records For Recording

You’ll have to pick up the deed from the Office of Finance and take it to Land Records inside the Courthouse Annex Building.  Luckily, once you leave the County administration building, the Courthouse Annex Building is to the right of the CAB. Take your deed to land records and you’ll have to write them a check for $60 + the recordation and transfer taxes.  They will take both your deed and its copy, so if you want a copy for yourself you have to ask for one.

How To Record a Deed In Prince George’s County Maryland

Hope you enjoyed the video and blog! Which County should I cover next? You decide! Let me know in the comments. Also if you need help recording a deed in Prince George’s County Maryland do not hesitate to contact me.


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