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Pendergraft Firm is a B2B Real Estate Law Firm that helps Real Estate Businesses like YOU increase your volume of income generating real estate activities by protecting your financial and legal interest when conducting real estate activities and ensuring compliance with Local, State, and Federal laws.

Pendergraft Firm exclusively serves Real Estate Businesses. We define Real Estate Businesses simply as businesses that make money in real estate. In other words, we no longer serve tenants or not for profit home buyers and sellers.

We Serve:

  1. Real Estate Brokers, Associate Brokers, Sale Persons, and Realtors
  2. Landlords & Property Managers
  3. Real Estate Investors – Wholesalers, Rehabbers, Buy & Hold

And By Real Estate Activities We Mean:

  1. Brokering Real Estate
  2. Leasing & Managing Real Estate
  3. Buying, Selling, and Holding Real Estate For Investing Purposes

Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Realtors: How We Help Your Real Estate Business

The real estate brokers, agents, and realtors primary income generating real estate activity is brokering real estate (or in the agent’s case, assisting the broker). Before beginning any real estate activities we have to make sure the business is set up right.

Brokerage Formation

When starting a real estate brokerage brokers have a choice of either (1) buying a franchise (Exit Pendergraft) or (2) starting their own brokerage (Pendergraft Properties). Pendergraft Firm helps franchisees review and negotiate the terms of their franchise agreements.

Aspiring independent real estate brokers do not have the assistance of a franchisor and have to start from stratch. Have no fear. We can help you with everything necessary to start your business from business entity formation, to your employment contracts with your agents.

Real Estate Agent/Sales Person Business Entity Formation

With permission of their brokerage and proper notice and approval of the real estate commission, real estate agents can form business entities through which they are paid and conduct their real estate activities. We believe if permitted every agent should do this (1) because you’re a business anyway whether you know it or not and (2) operating as a business has more pros than cons in our view. Most agents are independent contractors and are given a 1099 at the end of the year, meaning they are considered the sole owner of their real estate business in the eyes of the government and courts.

You do the same things that that our business does You incur expenses paying for training, marketing, travel (you pay way more for travel than I do!), and you eat what you kill just us here at The Pendergraft Firm or any entrepreneur. Join us and start a business account just for your business and start taking business deductions for all of the expenses you incur! We can help you start your business.

Brokering: How we help Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Realtors With Their Primary Income Generating Activity

Custom Contract Drafting – Real Estate Brokers and Sales Person’s must use templates that have been drafted by licensed attorneys. In most standard residential transactions, the contracts provided by organizations such as The Prince George’s County Association of realtors can get the job done. However, in what I call B2B transactions, such as commercial real estate transactions or real estate investing deals, standard contracts will not do. In my practice I have noticed that when working with real estate investors Realtors sometimes do not recognize when their standard contracts are not suitable for a particular real estate transaction. If you have a question do not hesitate to contact me.

Contract Review – We also review contracts.

Advertising Review – Advertising real estate brokering is subject to strict regulation. I can review your materials and promotional activities to make sure that you are in compliance with applicable State, Local, and Federal laws.

Real Estate Commission Hearings – Real estate agents and brokers have the right to an attorney when going before the Maryland Real Estate Commission. I can help you prepare and go with you to present your case to the hearing.

Collection Letters – For when you need to apply pressure to past clients for non-payment.

Closings & Title Work – I am a licensed Title Producer and independent Settlement Attorney for Pride Settlement & Escrow. Settle with Pendergraft. Settle with Pride!

Landlords and Property Managers: How We Help Your Real Estate Business

The primary income generating activity for landlords and property managers is leasing and managing real estate. Which I’ll simply refer to as “landlording”. Before beginning any income generating activities we have to make sure the entity is set up properly.

Landlord Business Formation & Consulting

Landlording is the #1 business that people start without realizing that they’ve started a business, and because of this they lose thousands of dollars each year. Landlords are subject to licensing requirements, housing code requirements, and many other requirements required by local, State, and Federal law. We help landlords form a business entity appropriate to their situation and comply with laws. Check out my book Planlord – How to Avoid The Pitfalls That Cost Landlords Thousands of dollars to learn more. Don’t be a landlord, be a Planlord!

Property Management Company Formation

We help Property Management Companies form businesses the appropriate business entity as well. We also help them with property management agreements and employment agreements with maintenance staff.

Landlording: How We Help Landlords & Property Managers With Their Primary Income Generating Activity

Lease Agreement Drafting – Landlords and property managers need leases that are compliant with Local, State, and Federal law. I have assisted many landlords that have used an illegal lease agreement that they found online. That’s no good.

Notice To Quit – Tenant not paying you money or are they doing activities that violate the lease terms? A notice they quit from Pendergraft Firm might be what they need to nudge them in the right direction.

Rent Court – Tenant still not paying? Eviction time. Brian can help you prepare and file your court documents, prepare you for the hearing, and represent you in court to get a judgment against your bad tenants.

Real Estate Investors: How We Help Your Real Estate Business

The primary income generating real estate activity for real estate investors is investing in real estate. Investing in real estate generally means (1) wholesaling, (2) rehabbing, or (3) Buy and hold investors.

Wholesaling: How We Help Real Estate Wholesalers With Their Primary Income Generating Activity

Wholesale Contracts – We can draft and review purchase and sale agreements and assignments agreements for wholesaling.

Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements – Wholesalers often need written agreements with other wholesalers or investors in general that outline how they are to work with one another.

Closings & Title – Wholesalers definitely need a title attorney and company that understands what wholesalers need.

Rehabbing: How We Help Rehabbers With Their Primary Income Generating Activity

Purchase and Sale Agreements – We can draft and review purchase and sale agreements.

Real Estate Investment Property Business Entity Formation – We can form business entities to acquire real estate to limit your liability.

Independent Contractor Agreements – We can draft independent contractor agreements for your rehab team.

Closings & Title – We Get The Deal Done

Buy and Hold: How We Help Buy and Hold Investors With Their Primary Income Generating Activity

Residential and Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement Drafting and Review – We draft and review contracts for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property.

Residential and Commercial Lease Drafting and Review – We draft and review contracts for the leasing of both residential commercial property.

Complicated Real Estate Deals – Multiple investors often partner in large real estate deals. These deals are often complicated. We help protect your interest in these deals.

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