How To Contact Attorney Pendergraft For Business Reasons – #TPF

Thank you for your interest in my legal services. I am also interested in working with you. Here is how to communicate with me 100% of the time if you are an (1) interested customer, (2) paying client or (3) professional contact. Just click the appropriate button. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ at the bottom of this post. 🤗

Works 0% of the time
🚫Personal Phone Number Ending in 71
🚫Personal E-mail
🚫Facebook Message
🚫Contacting me Saturday or Sunday (Feel free to leave a message though)
🚫Asking me to call if you’re not a paying customer. (Even if you knew me in High School).

Works 100% Of The Time For Interested Customers
✅ Scheduling a Consultation – For legal advice.
✅ Submitting an Inquiry – If you’re unsure you need legal advice, want to know rates, ask how my day is going, etc. Will not give legal advice.

Works 100% of The Time for Paying Clients
✅ Business Email
✅ Leaving message with assistant on business number. Will call back when available.

Works 100% Professional Contacts (Attorneys, Realtors, Lenders, etc.)

✅ Business Email.
✅ Business phone. Leaving a message with my assistant if I am not available. Leave your e-mail because I respond faster that way. In fact, you should just send an e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brian, I want to know my rights as a landlord/tenant/neighbor/homeowner before I consider hiring you. Will you tell me?

Sure if you schedule a consultation. The act of me explaining your rights and potential outcomes is consulting. Consulting is how I earn my income. In addition, I am liable for everything that I say. So consulting with people that have not paid for consultation services creates a liability for my business.

Brian, if I submit an inquiry will you give me legal advice? No. But feel free to inquire about rates or to ask how my day is going.

Brian, why don’t you take unscheduled phone calls? Because I work on difficult cases that demand my full attention. Leave a message with my assistant or my e-mail and I will get back to you when I am not working.

So what’s the best way to contact you? Scheduling a consultation for interested customers and e-mail for current clients and professional contacts.

Brian, I am a realtor/lender and my client may need your services, how do I contact you?