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An eviction notice can be called many different thing which we’ll discuss, but they generally fall into three types. There’s only three different situations in which a landlord will want to terminate a tenancy: (1) Tenant is not paying rent (2) Tenant is in breach of lease and (3) Tenants’ lease term is up.

Tenant is Not Paying Rent – Notice to Pay or Quit

A notice to pay or quit is required in some jurisdictions before a landlord can file for failure to pay rent.

This notice is sent because a tenant is not paying rent. In the jurisdictions that require notices of failure to pay rent, there may be a certain number of days a landlord has to wait after sending a written letter before filing suit. Be sure to include the correct number on the notice and wait the correct number of days before filing suit.

Other Common Names for Non-Payment of Rent Letters

  1. Late Rent Notification Letter
  2. Notice of Failure To Pay Rent
  3. 30 Day Letter to Pay Rent Or Quit
  4. 60 day Demand for Unpaid Rent

Tenant is In Breach of Lease – Notice To Cure or Vacate

A notice to cure or vacate is used when a landlord wants to terminate a tenant for breach of lease. Most jurisdictions require a landlord to send a tenant a written letter and give them the opportunity to cure the violation within a certain number of days, usually 30. Some jurisdictions allow for less time if the violation is particularly hazardous. This eviction notice is used when a tenant is in breach of lease.

Other names for Lease Violation Letters

  1. Notice To Quit or Vacate
  2. Notice of Lease Violation
  3. Notice of Breach of Lease

Tenant Refuses To Leave At End of Lease Term – Notice To Terminate Tenancy

A notice to terminate tenancy is required to evict a tenant in many jurisdictions for staying after their lease term ends. A tenant who remains after a lease term ends is called a holdover tenant. If you have a lawful lease agreement then you must terminate according to the lease. If not then you must give the tenant a written letter for the minimum number of days before you can terminate their tenancy, usually 30-60 days.

Other Common Names Names For Tenant Holding Over Letters

  1. 30 Day Notice To Vacate
  2. 60 Day Notice To Vacate
  3. Letter Terminating Tenancy

Consider Contacting an Attorney To Draft Eviction Notices

There are two very good reasons to have an attorney-drafted letter. Your tenant may take an attorney more seriously, and an experienced local attorneys knows the nuances of what needs to be included in notices.

Free Downloadable Eviction Notice Form Samples

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