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The Maryland Tenant Rights Self-Help Legal kit is a kit designed for Maryland tenants that cannot afford attorneys. The kit features tenant strategies and plain language explanations of landlord-tenant laws, printable Maryland landlord-tenant laws, and sample complaints and counter-complaints to assert tenant rights.

The Problem

Many tenants are unable to afford strong representation, whereas landlords are able to afford lawyers at bulk rates. This results in an uneven playing field where many tenants lose battles because they do not understand landlord-tenant court and how courts make decisions. This low priced kit is designed as an attempt to fill the gap between justice and those who cannot access it.

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The Tenant Right’s E-book

The Maryland Tenant Rights Legal Kit comes in three parts. The first (and arguably most important) part is the tenant rights e-book. In the Tenant Rights e-book, I break down the common landlord-tenant causes of actions and defenses in plain language, to explain where tenants can poke holes into a landlord’s case, or how to bolster their own cases against their landlord. This is my understanding of Maryland landlord-tenant law and the strategies that I have successfully used in landlord-tenant court.

The Printable Maryland Landlord-Tenant Laws

This folder section contains printable Maryland landlord-tenant laws that are referenced in the strategies section. When relying on laws to make arguments it is a good idea to have printed versions of the in hand. I used to take judges’ knowledge of the law for granted. “This Judge is in landlord-tenant court way more often than I am, it’s his job, I thought to myself.” However, that Judge once delayed a case of mine because we disagreed on a point of law and I did not have the law with me. From that point on I made sure to print out the law that supports my position. Judges can be wrong.

The strategies section references the relevant laws in the Maryland printable laws folder.

The Sample Section

The sample section contains sample pleadings and letters that are based on real documents that I have drafted. They include:

Software is required

The files in the Maryland Tenant Rights Self-Help Legal Kit are Microsoft Word and PDF. You will need applications that can open word documents and PDF documents.

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Maryland Tenant Right’s Self-Help Legal Kit

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