Your Real Estate Business Tax Questions Answered Vol. 1. – Ft. Tax Attorney Sakinah Tillman

Welcome to your real estate business tax questions answered vol. 1 featuring tax attorney Sakinah Tillman. In this video we give general answers to questions that were asked by real estate investors on how real estate businesses are taxed. Disclaimer – This is legal and tax information, NOT legal advice. For tax advice specific to your individual situation feel free to contact Sakinah Tillman at 410-645-0527 or at [email protected]. Use the code “TPF” for a free phone consultation! Sakinah has a Masters of Laws Degree in Taxation and files income tax returns on behalf of real estate investors.

Real Estate Business Tax Questions Covered In This Video

  1. What State Should I Form a LLC For My Real Estate Business?
  2. How Am I Taxed If I Sell An Investment Property VS. If I Sell An LLC That Contains An Investment Property?
  3. How Am I Taxed on Rental Properties That My Business Owns?
  4. What Business Entity is Best For Real Estate Investing? C-Corp, S-Corp, DBA, LLC, etc.?
  5. If I lend Personal Money To My LLC Can I Write That Off?
  6. What Are The Tax Consequences of a Parent LLC Lending to a Subsidiary LLC? (Original question was please review tax complications for an umbrella LLC lending to it’s other series or sub LLCs).
  7. Can you purchase a property with cash and then have your llc purchase It from you and pay you with interest?
  8. Original Question- My question is about State taxes when buying out of state rentals. I assume that even though
    I don’t have state income tax in Texas if I have a property in Georgia or Alabama for
    example income from that property would have to be reported and a state income tax return
    filed. Does this endanger any of my income from my other properties or W2 job and risk
    having them taxes by the other state? Which I broke down into:
  9. How Does Out Of State Rental Property Effect How I am Taxed?
  10. Does this put my other properties and W2 income at risk of being taxed by the other state?

Have Any More Questions For Vol. II?

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