How To Report a Bad Landlord or Slumlord in MD For Housing Code Violations – Mold, Bedbugs, Flooding

Why reporting your bad landlord or slumlord is the first thing you should do.

All Landlords in Maryland are required to ensure that residential property has Minimum Livability standards. Your City or County most likely has a local Housing Code Enforcement and Inspections Agency that is responsible for investigating complaints. If they find violations, then they will cite your slumlord for the issues. If your slumlord does not fix the issues within a certain number of days they can face criminal or civil penalties. After reporting your slumlord consider hiring an attorney to send your slumlord a demand letter to fix the issues, or taking the steps necessary to file a rent escrow claim in your local District Court.

How To Report a Bad Landlord Or Slumlord for Mold, Bed Bugs, Flooding, and Safety Concerns,
How To Report a Bad Landlord or Slumlord for Mold, Mice, Bed Bugs, Flooding, and Safety Concerns

What happens if my bad landlord or slumlord tries to evict me or harm me after reporting him or her?

If your slumlord tries to evict you after reporting valid housing code violation, then they may be liable for a retaliatory action counter-claim. Tenants that prevail in a retaliatory action claim may be awarded up to three months rent and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Instructions For Using The Find My Local Housing Code Enforcement Agency To Report My Landlord or Slumlord List

Although your city is located in a county. It may have its own local code enforcement agency. For example, residents of the City of College Park should contact College park code enforcement instead of Prince George’s County code enforcement. As a general rule, check to see if your city has a local code enforcement agency before calling your county. By clicking on the name of your city or county you will be linked to that department’s website so you can get more information. I did my best to find the best number to call for each agency, and if you click the numbers on mobile devices, your device will be prompted to make a call.

Please note that this list is a work in progress, so if any numbers are wrong or if links do not work please use my contact form to notify me so I can update the list. If there is an agency that I missed, please notify me so that I can add it to this list. I want this list to be as up to date and as accurate as possible to help tenants in need.

Alphabetical List of Local City and County Maryland Housing and Code Enforcement Agencies

  1. Aberdeen Planning & Community Development
    Phone: 410-272-1600
  2. Anne Arundel County Department of Inspections and Permits
    Phone: 410-222-7730
  3. Baltimore City Housing Code Enforcement
    Phone: 311
  4. Baltimore County Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-887-3351
  5. Berlin Planning and Zoning Department
    Phone: 410-641-2316
  6. Berwyn Heights Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-513-9331
  7. Bladensburg Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-927-0330
  8. Bowie Code Compliance Office
    Phone: 301-809-3008
  9. Brentwood Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-927-3344
  10. Brooklyn Park Code Enforcement
    Phone: 763-424-8000
  11. Brunswick Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-834-7500
  12. Cambridge Building Safety Services
    Phone: 410-229-1955
  13. Caroline County Department of Planning and Codes
    Phone: 410-479-8100
  14. Cecil County Department of Permits & Inspections
    Phone: 410-996-5235
  15. Charles County Codes, Permits, and Inspection Services
    Phone: 301-645-0692
  16. Chesapeake Beach Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-855-8398
  17. Cheverly Code Enforcement
    Phone: 240-770-7674
  18. College Park Code Enforcement
    Phone: 240-487-3570
  19. Cottage City Police Department Code Enforcement

    Click on the link above

  20. Cumberland Community Development
    Phone: 301-759-6442
  21. District Heights Police Department Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-336-1400
  22. Denton Planning and Codes Department
    Phone: 410-479-2050
  23. Easton Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-882-2526
  24. Edmonston Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-699-8806
  25. Elkton Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-398-4999
  26. Fredrick City Code Enforcement
    Fredrick City Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-600-3825
  27. Fredrick County Livability Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-600-8825
  28. Frost Burg City Code Enforcement

    Phone:301-689-6000 ext. 110

  29. Fruitland Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-742-1161
  30. Gaithersburg Neighborhood Services
    Phone: 301-258-6340
  31. Garrett County Department of Permits & Inspection Services
    Phone: 301-334-7474
  32. Greenbelt Housing and Property Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-345-5417
  33. Hagerstown Code Admininistration
    Phone:301-739-8577 Ext. 103
  34. Harford County Inspections Licensing & Permits
    Phone: 410-638-3089
  35. Howard County Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-313-2350
  36. Hyattsville City & Parking Compliance
    Phone: 301-985-5014
  37. Glenarden Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-773-2100 ext. 28
  38. Indian Head Code Enforcement
    Click Here
  39. Kent County Planning, Housing, and Zoning
    Phone: 410-778-7475
  40. Laurel Office of Fire Marshall & Permit Services
    Phone: 301-699-2789
  41. Montgomery County Housing Code Enforcement
    Phone: 340-777-0311
  42. Mount Airy Code Enforcement
    Phone: tel:301-829-1424 ext. 35
  43. Mount Rainer Code Enforcement
    Phone: tel:301-985-6551
  44. New Carrollton Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-459-3771
  45. Northbeach Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-855-6681 Ext. 104
  46. Perryville Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-642-6066 Ext. 25
  47. Poolesville Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-428-8927
  48. Prince George’s County Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement
    Phone: 301-636-2000
  49. Rising Sun Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-658-5353
  50. Riverdale Park Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-209-1576
  51. Rockville Landlord-Tenant Affairs
    Phone: 240-314-8310
  52. Salisbury Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance
    Phone: 410-341-9550
  53. Seat Pleasant Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-499-8700
  54. Somerset County Building Codes, Permits & Inspections
    Phone: 410-651-1424
  55. Talbot County Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-770-6840
  56. Taney Town Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-751-1100
  57. Thurmont Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-271-7317
  58. Queen Anne’s County Housing & Community Services
    Phone: 410-758-3977
  59. St. Mary’s County Inspections Division
    Phone: 301-475-4200
  60. Walkersville Code Enforcement
    Phone: 301-845-4500
  61. Washington County Permitting Department
    Phone: 240-313-2460
  62. Westminster Code Enforcement
    Phone: 410-848-9000
  63. Wicomoco County Building Permits and Inspections
    Phone: 410-548-4801
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