What’s The Difference Between a Title and a Deed to Property?

Title vs Deed

In the Real Estate World you’ll often hear the words Title and Deed used interchangeably. In most cases title and deed are held by the same entity, but not always!

title deed

Defining Title and Deed

Title is a fancy way of saying ownership of an interest to property. The person with title to a property owns an interest to said property. This interest can be anywhere from 0.0001% to 100%. This does NOT need to be in writing.

A Deed is a legal instrument used to convey property interest from one party to another.

Practical Examples and Distinctions of Title and Deed

  1. Brian buys a home from Briano. Briano conveys a deed to Brian. Brian has Title and Deed.
  2. Brian’s Evil Doppel Ganger Bryan wants to steal Brian’s home. Bryan records a deed conveying Brian’s home to Bryan. Bryan has a deed, but no title.
  3. Brian Dies willing his house to his daughter Brianna. Brianna has title but no deed (at least until a deed is recorded).

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