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Almost everywhere you look there is a WE BUY HOUSES! bandit sign in the DC Metropolitan area. Most of them are placed by real estate investors that want to buy your house and sell it to make a profit. There are real estate investors that can help home-sellers avoid a foreclosure sale or buy distressed properties “as is.” They create win-win situations and an overall net positive effect on the community. On the other hand, there are fake real estate investors that are not capable of buying your house. This post is ways to separate the real We Buy Houses from the fake and find qualified buyers!

Do Online Research On The Company That Wants To Buy Your House

Reputable home buying companies or real estate investors tend to have online reviews. Check Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to see what happy customers have had to say about them. However, be careful because online reviews can be faked.

Ask For Proof of Funds

Asking for proof of funds is a great way to know if the buyer that you found can really buy a house. Proof of funds from a financial institution should contain the following items, preferably on official letterhead: (1) Date, (2) Name of Account Holder, (3) Balance of funds on deposit. However be careful, beclause proof of funds letters can be faked as well.

Is The Contract Too Favorable to The Buyer?

This one is the hardest for most people to recognize because most people do not understand legal language and the terms of real estate contracts. If you see anything that appears to be one-sided definitely consider contacting an attorney for review.

We Can Separate The Real We Buy Houses Sign Holders From The Fake

Are you a distressed property owner that needs help finding a real home buyer for your house? Brian Pendergraft is a licensed real estate attorney and real estate broker that works with realtors, real estate investors, and homebuying companies and real qualified buyers that are worthy of the We Buy Houses sign. He can help you sell your house fast or with other options to avoid foreclosure.

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