The Real Estate Investor Legal Starter Pack · July 2018 Edition

Welcome to the Real Estate Investor Legal Starter Pack, July, 2018 edition. I’ve created a lot of content over the years and I’ve chosen the blog posts and videos that illustrate the basics of what I think real estate investors should be aware of. Most of this content has downloadble slides or a guide of some sort too. Enjoy!

  1. The Ultimate Real Estate Attorney Guide 2018
  2. ⁍ My magnus opus. I overview 17 different kinds of attorneys that can help your real estate business.

  3. Real Estate Contracts For Investors – Understanding Buyer’s & Seller’s Position
  4. ⁍ Because I think you it’s an absolute must that people understand the contracts they are signing.

  5. Joint Venture Agreements For Real Estate Investors
  6. ⁍ You should always have a written agreement in place when working with other investors.

  7. 5 Things Wholesalers Should Know About Real Estate Laws
  8. ⁍ Stuff that I think is good for wholesalers to know.

  9. Revocable Living Trusts For Real Estate Investors
  10. ⁍ An alternative to LLC’s that not enough investors know about.

  11. Should I form an LLC for my Real Estate Business?
  12. ⁍ The pros and cons of limited liability companies for real estate businesses.

  13. For Sale By Owner
  14. ⁍ For those of you who want to sell homes without using a real estate attorney.

  15. 5 Things Real Estate Investors Should Know About Landlord-Tenant Laws
  16. ⁍ Because you may become a landlord if you buy a tenant occupied property. Or you may have to give tenants an opportunity to purchase depending on your jurisdiction.

  17. What Maryland Real Estate Investors Need To Know About The Protection of Homeowners In Foreclosure Act
  18. ⁍ What Maryland real estate investors need to know before trying to buy pre-foreclosures or foreclosures.

  19. What Is Real Estate Brokering In The State of Maryland
  20. ⁍ So you’ll understand what activities your real estate business can or cannot do.

  21. How To Study For The Maryland Real Estate Broker Exam Like An Attorney
  22. ⁍ In case you need a real estate license to conduct certain activities.

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